Falling onto cars.

@stealthy (8188)
United States
July 12, 2007 10:08pm CST
Have you noticed that a lot of the shows where there is a scene of someone being thrown or jumping off a balconey or out a window has them landing on a car? A rerun of Shark just started that way. I know some don't fall on cars but they do like to show it that way very often.
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@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
13 Jul 07
I've noticed it. Sure is convenient they park those cars just so a body can fall on it. I guess it saves them from scraping the remains off the sidewalk and I guess there isn't that many swimming pools around. I think it must make it more dramatic, like when the owner tries to collect for damages but the guy or girl who caused it is not around, on this earth that is, to sue.
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
13 Jul 07
Yeah and it makes for a really big impression on the car and glass flying out and stuff.