pacquio vs. barerra II : who's your bet?

July 13, 2007 1:06am CST
there's a rumor here in the philippines that pacquio will have a rematch with barerra soon,to whom would you palce your bet and why?
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• Philippines
8 Oct 07
Hello nana1211. Of course, my bet is Manny. It was already announced yesterday and still our people's champ Manny Pacquiao won the fight. I am so proud with Manny Pacquiao because he sacrifices a lot for the sake of winning the game and for the honor of our country. I do not like the attitude of Marco Antonio Barrera. He is quite arrogant during the interview by one of the news reporters. He said that he will be the one to win the fight, while Manny is very down to earth and humble, saying that he will not be confident enough to himself to fight Barrera because he knows that Barrera is also a very competitive fighter. Luckily, with a 12-round fight, it was announced yesterday that Manny Pacquiao won via unanimous decision. Have a nice day and God speed!
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• Philippines
23 Aug 07
If you're asking as to whom to place a bet between Barrera and Pcquiao then one should place his/her bet for Barrera because if Barrera wins you'll win bigger based on the present odds. But in reality, gaming aside, Pacquiao will again win the rematch because he has gained a lot of experience and training after their 2003 meeting. Aside from the fact that Pacquiao is younger and better trained.
• United States
28 Jul 07
it is not quite a rumour, they are definitly going to fight, i would definitly put my money on pacquiao. He is young, fast, powerful, and one of the hardest workers in the sport today. Barrera is older but he is a veteran and recently beat young rocky jaurez. I strongly believe paqcuiao will defeat barrera much like he manhandled morales in the last two fights
@larskie23 (867)
• Philippines
24 Jul 07
pacquia has beaten barrera before. and with his condition now, i think he can still win. i go for pacman.