oh ,wonderful~!The test is over~!!

July 13, 2007 2:02am CST
I am so happy that the test is over now~! Spending nearly two weeks in preparing for the final tests. the days were so boring for me ~~! Studying day and night ,and the weather is so terrible. ****
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@good1030 (670)
• China
13 Jul 07
Ya, preparing test and exam is really suffering, but maybe after you graduate from school and start your first job, you will miss your campus life very much! The same thing happen to me, when I was still in school, I really hate the test and exam and expect that I can graduate and leave school to find a job, but after I find the job and start working, I miss the school life so much! in school you don't need to worry about making mistake coz your teacher will not blame you like what your boss will do. And you can make friends in school and that's real friendship. Luckily I now have a chance to go back to school for further study and surely I will treasure this opportunity!
• China
14 Jul 07
yeah ,yeah Thank you for sharing your own feelings with me . I think that I will treasure the time studyed in school. Although the test is not a happy thing for us ,the school life still have some sunshine memories,such as going out to have dinner with classmates ,holding a celebration for a dear friend and so on . With about two monthes ' vacation ,I will enjoy oneself~!
@amit2506 (233)
• India
13 Jul 07
U r rght dear Its really tough to study in bad weather and study is also really tough part of our life... but don't bother exams are jst for few days only the rest of the days are for enjoyment so enjoy from nowonwards....
• United States
13 Jul 07
I am glad you are done! Congrats! I know how it can be. Now you can relax and enjoy life for a little bit until you have to go back and do it all over again! Is that you in your avatar? That is a very pretty picture. Are you a model?