Does Your Man Critic Your Cooking?

Cooking - What a nice cooking. I bet It taste delicious too. I wonder when I can cook as delicious as it some day.
July 13, 2007 2:33am CST
My man will do so espeacially about food. He will say good if it just taste good to him but if its not he will also say to the point bout it and what is not right and less from my cooking detailly and just eat less too. But if he asks me to cook the food he wants I be better cook it exactly the way he wants to. If not he will complain about it from the time he starts to eat until the he finishes it. If I'm not lucky, he will ask me to cook again if he wants it so much.
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@mean_queen (1713)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 07
Woww.. that's kinda harsh. I would appreciate some constructive criticism about my cooking because I would like to be better. But my boyfriend usually says everything is good. I don't know if he really means it or he doesn't wanna offend me. Sometimes I just wanna know the truth. It's frustrating at times. Although I can see it in his face that there are times when he doesn't really fancy it and yet he still says, "Hmm..good.." lol..
• Indonesia
13 Jul 07
Wow... he must be really knowing that you have been working hard to cook for him and he appreciate that by saying how good it. But sometimes critism is good to make us cook better next time. But you know maybe its just true that you do a good cooking. And maybe your bf just doesnt like that food not the taste of your cooking.