drowning for lack of love

@mrddln (458)
July 13, 2007 6:09am CST
Imagine youself again in the middle of the ocean, but this time, there is no boat, no island and no one to help you. you are drowning out there by yourself. you are exhausted and terrified. suddenly, a man grabs you from behind and drags you under the water. completely overwhelmed by fear and anger, you struggle wildly to get free, but no matter what you do, your head remains underwater. Just as you are about to pass out and drown, I arrive in a small boat and pull you from the water. after catching your breath, you turn and see that the man hwo dragged you under is actually drowning himself and only grabbed you in a desperate attempt to save his own life. He wasnt trying to harm you at a,,. once you realize that, your anger vanishes immediately and you quickly help him into the boat. that how relationahips rolls. people really dont do things with the principal goal of hurting you, they are like the man who dragged you under water.
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