This is a great attempt in my lot I will begin a story you should continue this.

A Pae of Flying Shoe - This is the shoe james got
July 13, 2007 9:11am CST
I was thinking what discussion can I start then I got striked one thing we can start a story why cant the members also join this.... One important thing is that you should not end this story try to write at least 2 lines and should not end it..ok friends I start now. Title: A PAIRS OF FLYING SHOE In the city of Isthanbull there was a family living near the Bus Stand. In there family there were father mother, two sons. They were very very poor family living in the streats of Isthanbull. One of the son that is our Hero James was playing in the nearby park and he got a pare of shoe. Now you can continue... dont stop please...
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13 Jul 07
He had a helping tendency and want to do good to the society, even though he himself is not able to fulfill his own necessities. He wanted a drastic change in the society in which he lived. He with the help of this pair of shoes started eliminating evils from the whole world. He started helping the poor and uplifting them. He lived a great life for himself as well for the others
@Guna1980 (872)
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13 Jul 07
Then he show the shoes to his father and ask him to repair the shoes... after he repaired to weared that shoes and gone to play the football... when he playing on the ground he slight hit the ball it gone out of the sky and its was hide... continue from your side...
@us2owls (1681)
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13 Jul 07
James didn't know where the shoes came from because he had been standing in the spot where he found them moments earlier and the shoes were not there then. James immediately sat down on the grass to try the shoes on and was very disappointed to discover that they were way too big for him. He picked them up and ran home excitedly hoping that the shoes would fit his father who could not find work because he had no shoes to wear. ............