Is it easy to be a friend? tell me what's your opinion

July 13, 2007 10:20am CST
Many people say that being a friend is not easy, sometimes some of our friends would keep asking us to help them, it's just because we are good friends, we should share our happiness and sadness with one another. I have a good friend, she likes me to go to her home, she always say that she wants me to help her, but actually, i just sit there to talk with her, do nothing. I think it's just because she wants me to company her, sometimes, being a friend is so easy, they just want us to talk and when they are sad, they just want to have a shoulder to cry on So we should understand our relationship, and try to help people, someday, we, too, need others help
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• Philippines
14 Jul 07
to look for a friend its easy but smtimes wn friend look for u i mean if smone wants to be ur friend i belive he is the best friend of all but friendship means that u shud be there for him in good or bad situation and he shud be there for u as well but any way friendship is hard if only u think its hard but never make a friend if u think that u will gain anykind of profit from him or smthing coz true friends are hard to find!!