The NHS Trust in Sheffield

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July 13, 2007 10:36am CST
As many of you will know - a little over 2 weeks ago, Sheffield, South Yorkshire UK received a deluge of rainfall. It was printed in the paper yesterday that every second that day the amount of rain that fell on Sheffield was equal to the amount of water that could be held in 20 Olympic sized swimming pools. Many homes & businesses were flooded and streets were just raging rivers in many parts of town. Now in todays paper the NHS Trust told their staff that did not manage to make it to work that day that they will either be docked a days pay or lose a day of their vacation time to make up for not showing up for work during the worst flood in Sheffield for over 100 years. A lot of these people are trying to repair flood damage to their homes and now the NHS is threatening them in my opinion. I think it is totally disgusting. Their excuse is that it is not fair to those that came to work that day. Well I think if they think that - instead of trying to punish those who through no fault of their own could not make it work that day why don't they give those who did make it a bonus day off. What is your opinion?
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13 Jul 07
That is horrible. Do they not believe in natural disasters? From what I hear, they pay their employees extremely poorly the way it is. Then to dock them because of floods is for the birds. They should be trying to help them rather than making it worse on them.