How should she heal her infected and swelling kidney?

July 13, 2007 10:37am CST
Doctors diagnosed swelling and pus in a kidney of my daughter in law. They advised for operation. But she is afraiding. Some one suggested that she should try homeopathic way of treatment. Is there any remedy of kidney problem in homeopathy?
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• Gurgaon, India
11 Jul 08
There are many homeopathic medicine to extract pus. Consult your local homeopathic physician.
@triage (65)
• Philippines
18 Jul 07
I think she should go for the operation. Or if you are willing, perhaps try immune boosters
@healwell (1268)
• Ahmedabad, India
14 Jul 07
If you are knowing Reiki healing system then you can heal using your intention and giving touch Reiki to your daughter in low! Otherwise you can ask to the person who knows Reiki and ready to heal the person! By the way if you are knowing then you can use this kind of treatment immediately: After attitude of gratitude put your one hand over her abdomin, bellow three fingers from naval! Then put one hand on affected kidney with an intention that Reiki is removing the lus cells and helping out the kidney and the person to remove the root cause of this ailment! Simply hydro therapy id also used! If infection is more then use little hot water. If soda water is also available then get one soda withlittle(i/3 of the soda) milk and mix both... and drink immediate ... This will help to remove blocks and help to push the pus cells out side with more urination! Well if you need Reiki from me then please let me know! I will surely send... Rather I am ready to give Reiki to needful persons always! Hope the best for you...
@healwell (1268)
• Ahmedabad, India
13 Jul 07
Yes there is remedies for Kidney problem and it has capacity to heal and cure! As a Reiki healer and teacher I know this and have reccomended so many people for different kind of problems too!
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
13 Jul 07
My advice is she should go for the operation.There is no homeopathic way to treat organs swelling and pus.Please advise your DIL.