Khechudi... The Yellow Rice!

@Mitraa (3188)
July 13, 2007 1:18pm CST
Khechudi... I am taking it now in my supper to-night, while composing also this discussion. I like it very much, even from my childhood. This Indian menu is prepared from fine rice, by adding small cut pieces of potato, brinjal, beans, carrot, green grams/grams dal and coconut pieces. Also flavour boosting spices, sugar and ghee are added for more taste! Its usual yellow colour is for addition of turmeric powder during preparation. This preparation is also cooked in many festivals and temples in India and offered to Deities as prasad. Have you tried this item? I hope you will be satisfied by its taste. Just try and enjoy 'Khichudi'. Now say something about it.
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@touchnshine (2821)
• India
17 Aug 07
KhichDi is khichdi - rice and dal cooked together. There can be vegetables in it as well, and flavourings vary but not very much. More than one kind of dal is also used. Then there is also khichDa - which has mutton in it. Yumm! There should be no cause for khichDi to be confused with pachDi, should there? Just the words sound superficially alike.
@Oneoneo (183)
• Bangladesh
17 Aug 07
ooow... u made my mouth watering.. I can still recall the taste of my mom's made khichudi. I like mutton khichudi. But Vegetable khichudi is also very delicious... Thanks for the post... it led be back my sweet old days.
@Kartik7 (15)
• India
16 Jul 07
I like Khechudi very much. Khechudi is prepared at our home on festival occasions. It is also cooked sometimes on arrangement of feasts at temple places. It is very tasty and nutritive as many vegetables and cereals are present in it. I hope all myLot persons to try this preparation and enjoy it. It is certainly delicious as well as of better food value. Thank you.