What would she be like?

United States
July 13, 2007 1:35pm CST
If you wanted to meet, attract, and date your perfect woman what would she be like. I am not talking just physical attributes but everything about her. What do you think it would then take to attract her?
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• India
13 Jul 07
nuthin..jus d key toher heart...wat a women wants frm a man is often contrart to what men think women wud want..jus get close to her..b diff frm diff ppl..n presto..u have ur gurl.1!
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@cheodej (102)
• Germany
13 Jul 07
don't look for a perfect woman coz you can't find it. i should say close to perfect like loyal,trustworthy,must be your bestfriend and can accept who you are whether negative or positive. to attract her you must also like her traits and that can make a close to perfect couple. :)
@babostwick (2037)
• United States
13 Jul 07
I'd like her to be caring and loving. Has some of the same interests as well. I mean like if I watch a football or baseball game, she would like it to watch it as well. Doesn't have to necessarily like the same team as I do but not go into an insulting contest. As far as looks, not too big and too small either. Just right in the middle would work for me. As for height, I never really looked at it as a major issue but that's just me. Hair and eye color wouldn't really make a difference to me so much. I usually don't think about that at all because sometimes they could have a different hair style but could turn out to be nice or something like that.
@ibsnet (1268)
• India
13 Jul 07
A simple, sober looking, educated woman that's my choice. It varies. We should always see the future while making a choice. My choice is based on that and of some long term point of view.