Has anyone tried this?

July 13, 2007 3:19pm CST
Insurgency Mod is a total conversion for Half Life 2 (link: http://www.insurgencymod.net). Its a purely multiplayer mod and entirely free. It has a few bugs but is extremely polished for a mod that has only been out a few weeks. You play as either US marine corps soldiers or Insurgents, in Iraq. (I would ask everyone please take political comments on this game and the situation to a discussion about the Iraq conflict; its just a game!). The mod emphasises realism: there is very little in way of a HUD (just a compass indicating the direction of your commander and your objective, the objective and chat message in the bottom left), there is no crosshair (you have to use the ironsights/scope or be very good at estimating where the gun is pointing), and there is no health system to speak of. If you are shot, but don't die, you were firstly very lucky, secondly you were not hit in the chest/head and thirdly you need to bandage yourself. Badaging is quite an ingenious concept, except I don't recommend it as a marine: there's a bug which freezes the marines in position when they have bandaged themselves. When you die, you respawn as "reinforcement waves". Usually there are a limited number of these and take roughly 3 seconds to come. This game has many more cool features and concepts, but I recommend you just start downloading it now and play!
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@kimthedane (1000)
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13 Jul 07
Who the fck would download anything knowing that it contains bugs? Otherwise it sounds like a cool game, tho i think i will give it a miss. Thanks for sharing anyway.
14 Jul 07
Pretty much all games contain bugs. In Insurgency, they can be a little annoying, but considering their fast release of the first patch no doubt they will be releasing many more bug fixes very quickly.
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14 Jul 07
I know they do, thats why im not too keen on those things. I prefer to buy my pc games or games for my playstation
15 Jul 07
*cough BF2142*