Is Java better than .NET ???

July 13, 2007 6:37pm CST
Which technology is better Java or .NET ????
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@julie111 (44)
18 Jul 07
Java is better than .NET because 1. Faster Virtual Machine 2. Hard real-time capabilities 3. Garbage Collect classes 4. More multicasting libraries 5. Better Concurrency utilities 6. Better webservcies interoperability 7. Embedded devices - Java inside small packages 8. More Exception handling options 10. Simple side by side execution 11. Distributed Caching 12. Open source java compilers 13. Dynamic Languages support 14. Most UML tools implement in Java 15. Eclipse
• India
24 Jul 07
agreed with this one
@kswong (41)
• Hong Kong
13 Aug 07
Java is great but it doesn't have a great IDE like Visual Studio. Both of them have pros and cons so it is hard to determine which is better than which.
@mnvamsi (539)
• India
4 Aug 07
java.. Nothing is better than java... you know what "The entire web is going to change to javascript".. This not my saying billgates himself gave out this statement..
1 Aug 07
Java's platform independent makes developer more flexible for developing software than .NET. ^_^
@renagades (342)
• India
15 Jul 07
obvoiusly java is better than Dotnet when we consider about different platforms .. Also Dotnet have nice features in microsoft platforms . Its upto you how you are in the technology . But i think in future Java is going to rule . Because the world IT companies are switching over to Linux . Dotnet is not supporting linux like java . So java is better .
• India
14 Jul 07
I have completed a course in Java. I found it really useful. .Net is also an advanced technology . I'm planning to do a course in .Net in the next vacation. What I can say is Java is really good . Why are you asking this for? To study or ....?