July 13, 2007 10:17pm CST
who here has seen FOB live?? I have =D At the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto with my bff, my little sister, and my bff's big brother. We had an awesome time. +44, Paul Wall, Cobra Starship, and The Academy Is...opened for them =D at first, we were stuck in the boring lawn spot where no one even rocks out or cheers at all, but then we sneakily moved down to the paid area. bahaha. they dind't even NOTICE. verryy loose security. But a totally awesome show =) how about you guys? got any concert storiess? xD ssadly, i didn't do anything very exciting ;(
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@mskzalameda (4036)
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
I have never been to any FOB concert but this coming September, they will be here in Manila. I just hope that I can afford to buy a very nice ticket wherein I can appreciate the view of my beloved Pat haha! so how's the concert? is it fun? I guess it is. =) oh.. how much is the ticket? Im pretty much interested and curious about it. =) and your place in the event please. thanks!
• Canada
17 Jul 07
Well, my seats SUCKED rofl. but we just snuck up. It all depends on the venue though. Is this part of their Civic tour or is that over? just head to to see about ticket prices and stuff. Have fun at the show!! pat is gorgeous irl, btw
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• Philippines
18 Jul 07
yeah I am a member of that site and everyday, I always go there to check something new. Unfortunately, the ticket prices are not available in the site. I went to the place where the tickets will be sold and they said that it is not yet available. I really hope I can get a great seat. =) yeah I know he is gorgeous haha! he's really hot haha! =)
27 Apr 08
Yeah I've seem them twice - at the mini-festival, Slam dunk, but mainly at Leeds Fest last year! They were great - really good performance, and the crowd was wild. Their 'emo-mix' was best = the names of the songs are on the tip of my tongue - but anyway the jist of it was an rnb remix of their songs, sounded really good. I nearly got sucked into several mosh pits - they seemed to surround me, and I nearly lost my shoe a fair few times! I'll be there again this year, but I'm not sure if they will be...
31 Jul 07
=D I went to the same thing, The Honda Civic tour right? Only I went when they came to Pittsburgh. +44 Paul Wall Cobra Starship, and The Academy Is were odviously there when I went as well. Truthfully I went for +44 to see Travis Barker live [ since I was too young around the Blink-182 era and missed out ='( ] But anyway I love Fall Out Boy too, and they were awesome. I went with my bff and we had seats in the 3rd row. I wanted to buy tickets for the mosh pit =D but my friend is costraphobic so oh well. I remember at the very end when they were done playing and towards when everyone was leaving I screamed "I LOVE YOU PETE" but he never really responded =\ I did get like half the people to start scremaing again [and the other half tellign me to shut up lol!] so... w00t! I caused an uproar haha. It had to be one of the best concerts I've ever went to.
27 Jul 07
i saw them june 1rst in philadelphia. the show was absolutely amazing. the night could not have gotten better. my friends and i were in the pit and i caught andy's drum stick when he threw it out to the crowd. Of course i knew about them and loved their music, but i wasnt as much as a fan as my friend jess so i decided to give it to her and in return she bought me a dirty saves tee! i have about 100 pics from that night but i just put some of the highlight ones on here if u want to check them out. p.s cobra,academy totally made the night complete. my friends and i loved the academy so much that we're gonna go see em nov 1 at the electric factory in philly!!!!!! cant wait!! too bad they arent touring with cobra by that time =[ glad to tlk to u guys=] heres one pic of many of pete that night. we were that close. sorry i dont mean to brag=/