Home Remedies

July 14, 2007 12:26am CST
wounds: Wounds can be cured by applying turmeric paste on the wounds. Constipation: To cure constipation, eat six raisins, soaked overnight, as first thing in the morning. Eating drumsticks or raw bananas have same effect. Stop loose motions by eating overripe bananas. The paste made from outer peel of a pomegranate or mixture of a little peppermint and sugar, taken one teaspoon every hours cures stomach pain. cholestrol: Cholestrol level can be controlled by eating dried whole gram or by eating four flakes of garlic as the first thing every morning. Headache & Other Problems: Headache, stomach-ache and gas problems can be controlled by paste of ginger and ghee, by rubbing on the forehead or stomach.
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