Are you a patriot?

July 14, 2007 2:03am CST
Do you consider yourself as being patriots of your country?Do you support your country in whatever it does,be it sports,cultural events,contests,politics etc? I feel that globalisation has diluted people's patriotism.People of this generation are not giving much importance to their country of birth as there used to be...
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• Philippines
14 Jul 07
No because I believe that my country dont care for its people especially the leaders. And I believe that my country has no future for me. That's what i believe in. By the way I live in the Philippines.
• India
15 Jul 07
I am sorry to correct you Karlo.It is not the country which doesn't care about you.It might be your leaders or the political system.I don't know whether this feeling is spread throughout your country or it is specific with you.I hope that there is still some patriotism left in you. Thanks for responding