who is your favorite family guy character?

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July 14, 2007 3:33am CST
first off i gotta say that this show is freakin' hilarious!..and i love the parodies and the sense of comedy contained in each of its episodes... my favorite character has got to be stewie because he's diabolical dammit!! he's like a 40 year old dictator in a babies body he also pulls some great songs off also!
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22 Jul 07
I would say stewie too. Apart from him I like Quagmire. He is hilarious. The way he is after the girls all the time.
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23 Feb 08
There were some interactions with stewie and quagmire that were just all too hillarious. In one episode, quagmire was supposed to watch meg, chris, and stewie. Quagmire ended up having a party, and stewie ended up being the one that attracted all the girls like quagmire.
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25 Jul 07
My favorite character on Family Guy is Peter Griffin. He's so funny and crude. I like how he laughs. Outside the Griffin home, my favorite is Glen Quagmire. Giggity giggity giggity giggity!
@Popaural (17)
24 Jul 07
Stewie and Brian are my two favourites, but peter is usually pretty funny aswell.
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27 Feb 08
first off thanks for showin' me this site kam kid! and i would have to say peter griffen he acts so funny
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2 Aug 07
brian is my favorite cause he is serious and funny at the same time
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28 Jul 07
I like Peter's goldfish the best. Cleveland is also a riot.