How do I make MORE time for ALONE time with my spouse???

July 14, 2007 3:37am CST
I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but being that I am a stay at home mom, I find it very hard to have alone time ( other then when we are sleeping) with my spouse. We seem to both always be exhusted from our day to day work, that when it comes to one/one time with each other, it always seems like a chore.. How can we not make it seem like a chore and have fun like we used to??
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@SpitFire179 (2536)
• Canada
14 Jul 07
Although as you know we have no kidletts yet, we still find it hard to have time to ourselves and get back in touch with eachother. A few months ago we decided that everything was really taking a toll on our relationship, that we needed to do more things for us. you may need to get a babysitter, or have him take a 'sick' day, but one way or another there's things you can do besides laying in the same bed and being strangers. Even things just as simple as going to the grocery store together can give you that much needed time together, to talk, and enjoy eachother, going out for dinner, without the kids, put the kids early to bed one night or 2 a week, take that time to have a romantic bubble bath, talk or curl up to a movie together, whatever you can get. As long as things like playstation and computer are out of the way, and the kids are occupied, then there's so many things you can do together. How about taking all the pictures you have and doing a family scrap book together? things just as simple as making a meal even gives you that time... And don't forget to cuddle. there's nothing wrong with either of you, your 2 people out for the same cause, and all you need to do is reconnect. It doesn't have to be something exciting and labor filled to have the fun you want, or to have that special time with eachother, you don't even need to have any energy, just need the access to it. and finding ways to do things that would be fun, sweet, and perfect for you is the first step forward. If i can recomend something, if your even having trouble with something small like talking, write eachother letters, it's a sweet gesture and it gets things off your mind in a better understanding way.
@Marie2473 (8519)
• Sweden
14 Jul 07
I would say - PLANNING =) Plan a day where u just make it about the 2 of you. If u have the chanse, hire a babysitter and just go out to dinner and enhoy the company of eachother =)