There's no such thing as Jesus.

United States
July 14, 2007 10:10am CST
Believing in Jesus is childish, and I would say downright foolish. Beliefs aren't bad, but once you start getting into organized religion it ruins everything. Does anyone believe in this fairy tale?
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@repzkoopz (1895)
• Philippines
14 Jul 07
hmmm.. saying those words are no different from saying all Christians are childish. the very reason why Christianity exists is the fact that Christians believe in Jesus. if you are an aethist, or whatever religion, we can respect that. but you also need to respect us, Christians.. you should understand that many myLotters are Christians.. and your question (and statement) is an outright insult to the Christian world.
@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
14 Jul 07
I believe in Jesus. And you are right in a way it is childlike. Which is what the bible says to be like the little children in your faith. Believing without seeing, taking the word as truth and not putting our adult analyzations in the mix. So, in a way I agree with you, but I do not see it negatively. And organized religion is good for some, for me, not so much, I find it more of a stumbling block for my faith. If it is a fairytale as you say, just remember fairy tales always have happy endings...