@jothis (519)
July 14, 2007 10:38am CST
I have started some discussions on mylot and I have got some responses even today also. It is makink me wonder that why my income is not increasing. this is not fare. What you think? If i am wrong tell me why i am not getting earnings for my ownn created discussions
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@kingparker (9698)
• United States
15 Aug 10
To be honest, earnings from mylot is not as easy as before. I would make 40 to 50 cents easily simply post some discussions and make responses as often as I can. But now, you have to consider the increasing amount of people in mylot. It is a big pie sharing with many others. So, please be patient and hopefully mylot will still exist.
@jothis (519)
• India
16 Aug 10
hmm ya .. You are right
• India
15 Aug 10
There is nothing to be confused, mylot pays for your time spent here, this part is sure, more over we are not supposed to discuss about earning policy of mylot.. Thanks for sharing. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY Cheers. Professor
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
18 Dec 07
yes .. it is really getting lesser and lesser indeed , guess this is due to the overgrowing poplulation in mylot but i really hope there will be some chirstmas gifts from mylot by giving loyal members some money !!
• United States
28 Jul 07
I have been here a long time, and leading if you check over 100,000 people. One, if you discuss money, Mylot will remove your post, point, and all that respond. Second, they are paying less and less. If you are looking to make money, this is not the place anymore. If you just want friends, you will find a lot of nice people here. God bless you sugar.
@mdvarghese (1789)
• Bangalore, India
14 Jul 07
Dear jothis, If you are getting reponses for your discussions, your income will not increase. You have to respond to as many discussions others started. You make more friends and add more interests and respond to as many discussions as descriptive as possible.