my son will sleep late...

July 14, 2007 1:59pm CST
my son is only 14 months old but he dont like to sleep, especailly at night, he just want to play...what should i do please give me some advices or ideas thank you so much!!!
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@ofn2007 (121)
• Greece
14 Jul 07
Hi bhelle123, Try to make him sleep at night ,to doing this you should suffer with him for just one day,don't make him sleep at the day,so he will get tired, and will sleep at night normally. simple, but a little bit plaguey. Thanks
• United States
16 Jul 07
I did that for my daughter do and she was KNOCKED OUT! :) It was a great way to get her back on a sleep schedule
@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
15 Jul 07
You need to make him have his nap after lunch so that by the time it's his bedtime, he's tired. My daughter is 13 months & we went through this as well not long ago - i found allowing her to play with some toys in her cot, help her to tire-out (she was usually asleep within half an hour or so), a large bottle of warm milk will do the trick as well - it fills the belly nicely & don't go in his room every time he makes a noise, that will only make him think you're playing with him. If you want his asleep by a certain time, yet he wants to play, put him to bed a little earleir & let him play. It wont hurt if he's awake a little later than usual, it just means he'll probably sleep a little later in the morning. It's not a big deal - i guess he just may not be tired, you may have his bed time too early or allowing him to sleep too long during the day. Try a few different things & see what happens. Good Luck!