Political videos

United States
July 14, 2007 10:10pm CST
I recently came across 2 videos made by "everyday" people about their "love" for presidential candidates. One has been out since June and supports Barack Obama and the other recently came out and is about a woman in "love" with Hillary Clinton. I think both videos are simply brilliant and the Hillary one is hysterical. I am not sure whether either of them were made in order to win support for the candidates or if they are both just for fun (I hghly suspect the Hillary one is just for fun), but neither of them did anything to sway my vote toward either candidate, nor made me dislike them any more either. The media is trying to say that videos like this could change the election, so my question is: Is your opinion of a candidate swayed, one way or the other, by videos you see that are not made nor supported by the candidate or campaign? What do you think of these videos and others like them? PS- You can see these videos at a popular video sharing website. YOU know which one. (not sure that I am allowed to mention the site by name and would hate to have this discussion taken down because I did)
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