Fave Pokemon Type?

July 14, 2007 10:53pm CST
What pokemon type do you like? Mine is Psyhcic because they come in all varities, like birds or ghosts etc and not just one form. I think they are the most powerful, as they have telekenisis, some can fly, most actually, and they can speak through their minds. They are very powerful, and most of the legendary pokemon are actually psychic, Mewtwo, Mew, Deoxys I think, Lugia, Celebi etc...
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@kylina (178)
29 Aug 07
hmmm....i like dragon/fire but i heard of a dragon/ghost type in the new editions of the pokemon game. man that pokemon would be invincible! can't be affected by normal attacks and stuff. still fave is dragon/fire which is why i like charizard although he is only flying/fire he looks like a dragon anyways.
28 Jul 08
they made the ghost dragon in pearl and diamond its called giratina you can catch it at level 70, its a legendary.
28 Jul 08
my fav type is fire since i always beet games with my starter being fire, but if i could get a sableeye or a spirittomb my favourite type mix would be drak ghosts so it has no weakness
• Brazil
1 Sep 07
I love both fire and water types. They may be stubborn, but their appearance in the most evolved forms make others fear them (Charizard, Blaziken, Feraligator and Blastoise and examples). Grass type are also amazing, and I love them as well, especially Venosaur and Sceptile.
@ChaozTLG (14)
• Netherlands
14 Aug 07
My fave type... I don't have a favorite type. I tend to use different sorts of types, because of the strenghts and weaknesses. If i really had to choose i'd go for grass/poison
• India
26 Jul 07
Mine is Fire and Ice, I love 'em both and i wish someday there is a pokémon with these 2 types mixture!