Other computer or Information Technology problems

July 15, 2007 1:16am CST
Feel free to post questions on problems related to your computers, computer programs, and other information technology problems, we will try to solve them here. I am working in the Networking Field. Start this discussion so everyone that have IT problems can help one another.
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• Australia
20 Jul 07
Hi yeowsin I have a problem here.. i need to know how to move a SCSI tape drive from a VERY old server to a SLIGHTLY new server. what would be the procedure ?? steps??
• Singapore
20 Jul 07
Two Questions - First, From what server to what server. Brand, Operating system and the SCSI slot. - Second, What data is in the tape drive
• Australia
20 Jul 07
I think you can go the server room and check for me?? i think its a HP server (new) but i am not sure... how bout going there b4 lunch??
• India
19 Jul 07
I want to know the difference between Static and Dynamic IP? How to assign and find it in our computer?