He has a very close female friend...

July 15, 2007 6:55am CST
... and im seriously considering ending it because i really dont think i can compete with her, i dont fancy having another relationship where im not comfortable and secure and we've only just gotten together. im not talkin a close friend where they just talk and spend time together, this bond is tough, lots of hugging, playfights, smoochin for photos, fav songs, quotes, sexy dancing etc etc etc i really should just give up now
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@indiavani (865)
• India
15 Jul 07
Hello touchnshine! I think you should talk to him about this & try to sort out the things as much positively as you can. But while having talk if you feel that he is too much close to that female & talks in her favor, I think you should end up relation with him . I know this would be difficult, but you can't stay with a guy who is involved with other woman...vani^_^
@puchapox (583)
• Philippines
15 Jul 07
Hmm..that sounds a lot like julia roberts and dermot mulroney in my best friend's wedding huh? What does he tell you about his friend and him? I don't think you can really compete with that, unless he is willing to give her up for you, then that will mean he really loves you and she's nothing but a friend to him.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
15 Jul 07
Oh dear I don't know what to say, you have to be happy and sometimes other people wear you down, I guess you could sit down with him and have a real serious talk and work things out one way or another, I know its easy for me to say but there very well could be something better along the way and if you are free then you are open to meet them...I wish you luck my friend..
@rb200406 (1825)
• India
15 Aug 07
It is your personal life but if you have insecurities & can't trust your Bf completely for any reason you should first talk with him about it.& still if you find it difficuklt to believe him i must say you should end it.As no relationship can be there withou trust .I must say it is really difficult to trust these guys.
@subathra (3519)
• India
15 Jul 07
I afraid its more than a friendly relationship which is not healthy one between you and him. A mere friendship can be accepted but not a one which you have described.Before anything goes serious please have a talk with him and take a final decision.
@kevin117 (95)
• China
15 Jul 07
oh,I 'm so sorry to know that.this is really a bitter pill. Maybe,it 's the time that you sat down and talked to him in real earnest.you must conform what 's his attitude to you or her.but one thing is certain,no matter what happen,don't concede that much. just a saying going :"if someting is meant to be ,it will be" I hope you have each nice day!