how silly can he get

July 15, 2007 7:31am CST
my cat is totally silly. i was putting wood in the heater but i got the crate to sit on as i put the log in there) and my cat comes up and puts his head in the heater, i actually did a scream and said ginge oh you silly boy you nearly burnt your head. i told my partner when i got home and he was really shocked and said are you sure he put his head there and im serious. but then tonight he went stood next to the heater and put his tail on it (this time my partner saw it) and he pushed him away and said you will burn yourself you silly boy. but wouldnt of been 10 minutes later when my brother inlaw was putting wood in the heater and the cat tried putting his head in the head again. when will he learn? after he has no fur left?
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• Australia
18 Jul 07
nope doesen't look like he will ever lesrn lol