How do you train dogs?

July 15, 2007 9:31am CST
I will be getting a Japanese spitz/chihuahua puppy by the end of the month, but I don't know how to take care of it, since it will be the first time to take care of dogs. What preparations must I do? What will I feed to it?
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@LAWise520 (276)
• United States
15 Jul 07
Training a dog is never simple, not even with the most obedient german shepherd puppy in the world, much less any other breed. Alright, to prep for its arrival, make sure to get pig ears, small chew raw hide and other assorted edible toys. Get a few small nonedible toys as well, maybe a soft one that squeaks, maybe a rubber one that doesn't. If you know where you will be keeping the dog during the night, and it is a small, enclosed area without carpet (probably best for a puppy), buy it a small, soft bed. For food, the absolute BEST would be meat such as chicken, turkey, and potatoes, eggs, carrots and apples. However, if this is an extreme amount of work (as we all have a LOT to do these days), buy a dog food WITHOUT a lot of grain or fat. Iams is one of the best dog foods and keeps the dog looking and feeling the best, but this can also be expensive. Know your price range, your time, and your dog. Find something that it will eat that is also as healthy as you can find. Now, once you have your dog, the training is EXTREMELY important from DAY ONE. Just because your dog is a cute, adorable puppy does NOT mean that you can go easy on it at times. You MUST be strict. Know which rules you want the dog to obey for the rest of its life and then reinforce the behaviors you would like to see. Dog treats (very small ones, as small as you can find) are excellent for praising the dog. If the dog does something that you don't want it to do, be straight forward and loud. Use strength in your voice when you say "NO!" Don't pussyfoot around and act real cute to the dog or it will walk all over you. As the master, you are to show the dog that you are the pack leader and are in charge. You are the one who takes care of the dog and the dog must know this. If you allow yourself to portrayed as "weak" the dog will pick up on this immediately and you will not be able to control or train the dog. Control: When the dog does something bad, two responses need to be made. First, grab the dog and hold its face to yours. Second, say "NO!" firmly and loudly while giving the dog a sharp smack on its rear. The smack should not be hard enough to knock the dog down, but enough to let the dog know you mean business. The smack and "no" in conjunction let the dog understand what the word "no" means. Bathroom: When you see the dog squat, looking like it needs to go to the bathroom, immediately take the dog outside onto the lawn or whereever you want it to go. If you start this from day 1, you should have quite a bit of luck in getting it to go only where you say to. Territory: In order to keep the dog in the yard, the best tip I can ever offer you is what worked for a dog that was said to "untrainable" by all the breeders we talked to. (it was an english setter). Everyday, 6-9 times a day, for 6 months, (this is tedious), the dog was walked on a leash on the exact area where the dog should not cross over. Walk the perimeter of you yard like this and by the end, the dog will either be (1) trained to stay in the yard or (2) untrainable for real...and then you can either (1) continue the training, or (2) walk the dog on a leash whenever it needs to go to the bathroom. That's all the info I've got. I've you have another other specific questions, go ahead and ask.
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16 Jul 07
thanks a lot. That was very informative. I'll be doing that. Thanks.
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17 Jul 07
Train it gentle with consistance. No hitting and screaming. Just a firm "no" when it does a something you don't want it too. Lot's of love and treats when it does it right. Go to Petsmart, they will teach you how to train your puppy. Do not give it shoes to eat. Give it lots of toys for teething, and not to get bord. Do not leave it alone all day by itself. Only feed it top grade qualtiy food. Canned or dry. Must say completely balanced on the food, and first ingredience should be chicken or beef. Not, by products, no dyes, and no fillers of corn and wheat in the beginning of the ingrediences. Read the labels, well known big brands are not all good. Your puppy is your family for life now, so read a book and train it before bad habits set in. Good luck and enjoy it. Give lots of love.
@lyon1970 (45)
• Italy
16 Jul 07
i don't train it XD