Osama Bin Laden: DEAD or ALIVE??

terrorist - Am I DEAD??
@JBrulez (663)
July 15, 2007 11:21am CST
Do you think that the worlds most wanted terrorist still breaths today or is he been buried a long time? What are your thoughts.?
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@tweener (26)
• Philippines
21 Jul 07
I think the guy is still alive. he maybe in the most remote place of this earth just to hide from the authorities. And worst he might have already changed his face. Thats easy considering the fact that he is Billionaire. And also he is still masterminding the latest terrorist attacts that are linked with Al-Qaeda.. The US is weak, they can't even catch the most wanted man who made the most damage of there country..
@JBrulez (663)
• Philippines
22 Jul 07
I understand. That's a scary part you've mentioned. If he had underhone to a surgery to change his looks it would really make him very difficult to capture because nobody recognizes him as the Osama Bin Laden we are familiar too. The US is doing everything they can, its just Bin Laden have all kinds of network that protect him.
• United States
16 Jul 07
I believe this evil man is alive..
@JBrulez (663)
• Philippines
17 Jul 07
If he is, I hope he gets what he deserves..