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July 15, 2007 12:26pm CST
My beloved a-SIL's belongings were lost when she went into the hospital for surgery, including her eyeglasses. I didn't realize this until a few days ago, I just thought she wasn't wearing them because of the proximity of the incision to the place where the ear piece would rest. We wanted to go to lenscrafters yesterday, but I was running late, and then she had a really weird and unsettling episode of stuff weeping copiously from the incision. (more on that later)We agreed that we'd go around 11 am or so today (Sunday). My Honey let me sleep in, and I didn't wake up until 10:50. At my best, I need an hour in the morning to become fit for human consumption, so I asked Honey to take a-SIL to get her glasses. Half an hour after Honey leaves, my cell phone rings. It's Honey, and there's a tension in her voice when she says, "Where is.....?" and the call drops. I call back, no answer. Landline at a-SIL's, no answer. From this I deduce they have left for the mall. I wait a minute, call again - no answer. Li'l bro lost a-SIL's cell phone last week, so she isn't carrying one just now. Wait a minute, call Honey again - no answer. Now I'm getting nervous. I keep calling, at ever-shorter intervals... no answer. Call lenscrafters - they haven't arrived. Panic begins to wrap its hands around my throat. For 36 miutes, I am pacing, pulse revving, imagining everything from car accidents to seizures to carjacking, you name it. Finally, Honey answers the phone. No biggie, they weren't sure where the cash for the glasses was stashed. So, am I gonna melt down on a regular, do you think? The stuff weeping from her head was the pink-tinged, clear, plasma-like fluid one sees with large wounds. The incision is healing, and it's itching. My darling a-SIL is really good about not scratching when she's awake, but when she sleeps, it seems like she might itch it. We got some antibiotic cream with pain relief for it, which works well to stop the itch. It also apparently loosened the crusts enough for this fluid to drain, in multiple rivulets down the poor woman's face. I called the surgeon's office, 25 ringey-dingeys, no answer. (Is this a developing theme?) We decided to wait a bit before going to the ER, because there was no other bad thing happening, no apparent distress, just the icky stuff. After several hours, all the little bumps along the incision were gone, and the drainage substantially stopped. Today the wound is dry again. All's well that ends well, right?
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@mummymo (23707)
16 Jul 07
Oh Sweetie - which one of us wouldn't be in regular meltdown in your shoes! Bet you manage to get her stuff found at the hospital or at the very least some compensation for the lost items! I can imagine how I would feel after that phone call cut off and I couldn't get hold of them - I would have no hair left! I am so pleased that her wound is dry again today but I would make sure you get in touch with her doctor and let them know what happened! If you are really worried about her scratching in her sleep and she agrees to it why not try putting cotton socks (preferrably new or very clean!) over her hands when she is going to sleep - this is one that I use for my kids when they have chickenpox or when my daughter has an allergic reaction that affects her skin! I am sorry that everything is so stressful still and I continue to keep you all in my heart and prayers! xxx