MY pet dog snapped at me!!!

@Lovett (465)
July 15, 2007 4:10pm CST
Muffy- my pet dog - I love pets
Today my pup was just in the sleepy mood, n I thought of cuddling the little darling, when he jst snapped at me,so aggressively, that I ended up with a long scar on my right cheek, just missing my eye! It was his tooth mark, n more than physical pain, I had an emotional pain. My heart just broke, cause i was the one who always took him to the vet, bought him all his goodies with my pocket money, n also bought him home back when my brother got tired of him, n left him alone one night in my absnece at a nearby park.After doing all this, my mom too was more thn shocked to see something like this. It was obvious that my mom later spanked him with a cane, not too hard obviously, because I never wanted him hurt. So wat do u think? Is it normal for a dog to snap like that,???Gmme your ideas, please, cause I m crying bittlerly....