some hispanic don't like me please give me a good advice on what to do

United States
July 15, 2007 8:21pm CST
i am a hispanic woman with a lot of respet for others their believes and background but since i live in the us my father told me that i need to speak english very well and that is the language of the US OF AMERICA so since i been in this country all my friends have been english speaking; the thing is I had an incident that happen to me more than once. the first time i was at store looking for a manorah, i ask one of the workers actually a mexican young lady to help me and i did my best to explain to her, she got very upset with me and insult me because i did not know the word in spanish i guess i was very sensitive because i got out of there and scream at her that this is the united state of america so i don't have to learn that in spanish. I don't know if i was wrong by saying those words to her but in my country we have a lot of foreners from all over the world even japan and when they settle down in my country they learn the language no problem no question ask am i wrong for telling her to go and learn english because she is in us or my hormones are wack and i need to be nice
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