goku vs vegeta

goku vs vegeta - let'ss see who stays aliveeee...
@jibu87 (78)
July 15, 2007 10:24pm CST
lets play a game to decide who wins rules:this game is based on two groups:team goku and team vegeta.people who r in team goku will add +1(only 1 not more than +1)and those in team vegeta will subtract -1(only 1 not more than 1)from the number 500.if the number 500 gets subtracted fully and reaches 0 count,team vegeta will win.But if number 500 gets added fully and reaches 1000 count, team goku will win. note:post as many times as u want.but not continuosly i.e if someone says 500+1=501(if he/she is in team goku),then someone(in team vegeta will type 501-1=500).after tht any team can type.
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