The sims

@N100N1 (53)
July 16, 2007 6:42am CST
It is very interesting game and i like in the game how i can command to family that i made in it. I like this game because i can make love and have a baby.And i tray to be best in job i chose.I want to know is the last sims good and does it take a lot of memory on computer.
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• Poland
4 Nov 07
Sims 2 are really great game - that's true. In the Sims 2 everything is changing. Reasonable equipment demands [The Sims 2]: *Pentium III 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM, graphics card 32MB (GeForce 2 or better), 3.5 GB HDD The last part of the sims is The Sims 2 Bon Voyage, there is reasonable equipment demands of it: *Pentium III 800 MHz, 512 MB RAM, graphics card 32MB (GeForce 2 or better), 3.5 GB HDD Enjoy playing Sims 2!
• Brazil
3 Nov 07
Did you know the cheat '' Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true ''? this its he most intresting cheat of the game it let you be the Administrator o f te game , Its really nice. To use it you need to write ''ctrl+shift+c'' It will open an little window on the tp of your game , before write the cheat and later clik with shift on your sim and enjoy it! Its really Funny!
@youless (93512)
• Guangzhou, China
19 Jul 07
I agree with you. I also like this game very much. Now its version improved and so that the players can have their own children. You know in the past we had to adopt children only. It's a big change.
@Shareaza (315)
• Sweden
17 Jul 07
I used to play it a lot, and i still buy all the expansions. "the last sims", do you mean The sims 2 HM fashion? It is better than all of the other sims games and you wont get tired of it so quick. It takes quite a lot memory, but not as much as the modern fps's