How to quit smoking without any trouble!!!

July 16, 2007 12:52pm CST
I will tell you, you can smoke but no any damage from carbon monoxide and tar,even between you and your family or your friends. Yes, it is nicotine replace-ment therapy(short for NRT). NRT is the most effective method of controling smoking and abstaining from smoking. It releases nicotine in non-tabacco form into human body so as to help in smoke absention.It does not produce harmful gas, e.g tar. After a period of time ,smokers will get rid of the dependence of Nicotie. The nicotine original appearance is a kind of natural oxidation inhibitor, can prevent the parkinson syndrome and old age dementia and so on. The american state abuse medicine research institute director Bolin said :"Nicotine which in the cigarette is not the murderer,the real murderer is carbon monoxide and tar which were produced when smoking!"
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