new alert in my lot

@decent07 (232)
July 16, 2007 1:18pm CST
today when my open my lot account i saw a line on my antar YOU HAVE ONE NEW ALERT. but when i click it click it it shows me that yoi have 0 new alert .whats that mean , and what is the meaning of alert. today i complete one dollar is that saying that. if any one knows that please let me know. or it means that i am doing a mistake how couid i know. does any one get this type of message.
2 responses
@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
16 Jul 07
well, i'm not sure why your alert disappeared. The alert was just about the banner contest. it thanked everyone for sending in banners and said they'd get paid for the ones mylot picked.
@sugarfloss (2140)
• Malaysia
16 Jul 07
It's a message from myLot on the banner contest.They've chosen a winner and they're allowing us to choose some banners to be placed on our site if i'm not mistaken.i might be wrong,please do check with someone else.happy myLotting decent!
@decent07 (232)
• India
16 Jul 07
thanks sugarfloss.for responding me so fast .what is banner.i dont know about it.let me know about it if that mean add.and why the show that you have 0 alert because my responce is latre and they cancel it .