Soccer Parents

@rainyl (671)
United States
July 16, 2007 1:29pm CST
My son plays soccer on several teams and he is also a REF, and it amazes me to see how the parents of these players act when I am watching a soccer game being ref'ed by my son. I was talking to another parent who's son is on our team and the parent is also a Soccer REf and I mentioned the parents comments and are our parents on our team that bad? We can only hope not. I have not seen the parents on our team act the way that these parents were acting for this one particular team that was playing over the weekend. It got to the point that the Coach was warned and then ejected from the game. We all get excited and discouraged at calls being made, however since the people on the sidelines are not on the field and cant see what the REF sees I think they need to breathe a little. Yes calls are missed and whistles blow sometimes and yes there are bad calls, no one can say bad calls are not made. My photos of all of the games are at I love taking pictures of everything and I take about 600 pictures at each game(my children thing I am crazy) I have to say I enjoy soccer very much and we need ot have a little more support here in the USA. If you notice every sport gets mentioned on the evening news rarely does the youth soccer teams get mentioned, even though I did contact the news station here and ask why they have friday high school football highlights and never any friday night soccer highlights? We did get 2 mentions after that however none after that. We had a news truck out taking footage of the game this weekend and we asked him when it would be shown and the answer we got was this is for the background of the weather segment only, not the sports. GO oh well sooner or later our young soccer players will be noticed as long as we keep the faith!
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