When do you go on vacation?

@ilunice (947)
July 16, 2007 2:49pm CST
Summer is here again. Many are so crazy about going for holiday. Infact, many people safe most of their earnings for the year just to be able to go on vacation. I've just return from my vacation. It was wonderful i wish it never to end. But alas, it did. do you ever plan to go on holiday? where will you be?
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• Canada
16 Jul 07
Glad to hear you had a great vacation, it hard to adjust the first week or so afterwards..good luck with it. Some of my favorite places to holiday...are anywhere with wide, open expansiveness within the Natural World. My hubby and I love these place because we like to hike, canoe, collect rocks and treasures from nature, take pictures, swim in natural, hidden lakes. Some of our favorite places to vacation is Moab, Utah, Montana, British Columbia, Colorado, BadLands. We are definitely going back to Moab in the next year or two. Other places we hope to visist are Arizone, Alaska, New Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica...all places where we can be reminded of the Divine Order in the Universe and the many gifts the Natural World provides. Ahhhh, I feel better just talking about it. Fun post...good topic...I'll be interested to see where others like to go. It will whet our appetites and make us all want to travel more.
@Sushicook (691)
• Sweden
16 Jul 07
I just started a new job, so I won't be going on vacation for quite some time now. :D When I do, I think I'll take it during the fall or spring, maybe take a short trip to London or just relax at home.