Ever notice that God spelled backwards is DOG?

@magikrose (5423)
United States
July 16, 2007 5:41pm CST
Please dont think I am trying to be rude in any way that is not my intention. I just think it is intresting that God spelled backwards is Dog. Does that mean that dogs are closer to God than any other creature? It is just a thought I had. What do you think of this?
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@dio123 (1790)
• India
20 Sep 07
I think this is just an conincidence nothing to do with its meaning
17 Jul 07
I think it is interesting that JESUS spelled backwards is SUSEJ. This sounds a lot like the word SAUSAGE. In fact the Welsh word for sausage because it is spelled phonetically is very nearly the same: SOSEJ. The message buried within this is that the humble sausage has much to teach us about the Lord. Sausages are made by people, and Jesus was born of a woman. Sausages are made of flesh, and so was Jesus because he is the human incarnation of God. Sausages have skin, and this reminds us of how Jesus's skin was damaged by the nails on the cross. Finally nobody really knows exactly what is in a sausage and this is like the way that no mere human can ever understand the mind of God. Which is why he has to go around planting clues like this into the names of seemingly ordinary things!
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
17 Jul 07
In truth its just our language that has this. But someone once sent me an email "chain letter of course" to do with this very subject and it talked about how both God and dogs were faithful to man kind more than we deserved.
• Philippines
16 Jul 07
that's just for the english language dear...what about tagalog...and all others...that are just mere words and doesn't signify anything...in my case even dogs are created by god and that they have as much as the same value as human...
@pinklilly (3446)
• Australia
16 Jul 07
They do say Dog is man's best friend... Wonder if that has anything to do with it????? I've never thought about it. There are many wonders about words......