Pet Peeves? What are yours?

July 16, 2007 9:46pm CST
Is it okay for you if you find out that something you lent to someone was further lent to someone else? I let my sister use my Samsonite luggage a year ago and recently found out that she let her boyfriend borrow it for his out-of-town trip. Now, my luggage is scuffed and scratched and I'm thinking of throwing a hissy fit. What are your pet peeves?
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@psyche49f (2511)
• Philippines
18 Jul 07
I could imagine if it were, I'll freak out! It's even good that the one who had lent your luggage was your sister...what if it were another person? I'm sure it would be the last that the person will ever hear from you. Too bad your sister did what she the first place the luggage was not hers and she just took you for granted for not asking person..this is the trouble with family members..we sometimes forget to be polite and to be considerate of each other's feelings...Next time, never let her borrow your things again...This one is also my pet peeve, but I have lots of other things, like when other people 'borrow' my things without asking permission, talking out loudly on the cellphone to everyone's hearing, etc.
• Philippines
18 Jul 07
People talking loudly on the cellphone is a pet peeve of mine too! We were just having a foot spa and pedicure the other day when this girl walks in, takes a phone call and discusses business so loudly! It was as if she was trying to make herself sound important! What made it doubly irritating was that the nail spa had a sign in front requesting customers to put their phones on silent so as not to disrupt the relaxing atmosphere.
@cmsk2005 (1770)
• United States
18 Jul 07
I know what you mean, i would be angry too if i find this and may be no more for the second time...right
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
17 Jul 07
That was a bit naughty of your sister, one of my pet peeves is lending things to people and having to ask for them back, it is almost like some people think that when you are lending them something you are giving it to them, when I borrow something I give it back as soon as I have finished with it, what is is with people don't they care...