A Lawyer is similar to a Liar, do you agree?

July 16, 2007 10:32pm CST
Lawyers are advocates who thus advance the interests of their clients. Clients cling to their lawyers when they have problem which requires legal solution. Problems are situational facts. Law should be applied to a particular facts. Lawyers set in to apply the law based on the facts conveyed by clients, hence, one side of the story. In this particular scenario, are lawyers similar to liars when they advance the interests of a certain client hearing only the latter's side?
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@mestr12 (227)
• Philippines
23 Jul 07
I disagree with you. A lawyer is not similar to a liar. Lawyers are bound by their code of ethics. Once they accept a case, they are obliged to defend their client to the best of their abilities. Lawyers are trying to balance their duties as an officer of the court and an advocate for their clients. Lawyers, by applying the law, try to persuade the judge to rule in their clients' favor but it does not mean that they lie or that they are liars. It is unfair to generalize lawyers and by analogy, call them as liars.
• United States
17 Jul 07
hmmm... Are they all the same though? I think that there must be good ones as well as the bad ones. They say that all people are just as much good as evil. I'm not sure that I believe that last one. Maybe I just try to see the best in people.
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
17 Jul 07
Yeah...and sometimes they will teach you how to lie...