Gurus and their wisdom

July 16, 2007 11:46pm CST
A guru is a teacher like we had in school. Only difference is he teaches us about the soul and God. Has anybody read his books on knowing 'who am I' Does one realise that I do deeds, but I am not the doer. I see, but then I am not the seer. So then who am I. My soul or atma is a part of paratma or the Supreme Light which I must try to recognise as myself. Once one can do this, one breaks the bondage of life and death and merges with the Supreme Being. So, try your best to understand his message and liberate yourself from the circle of life and death.He has a beautiful ashram at Tiruvanamalai in Chennai which is at the foot of the hill Arunachala. It is deemed a blessing to be able to go there and visit his ashram.
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