Fairy tales

@myahw20 (1116)
July 17, 2007 1:08am CST
Most of us grew up with our parents or nannies or whoever looks out for us before reading us fairytales... What is your favorite fairytale? actually mine was 3 little pigs haha.. and cinderella i gez..
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@dued8jam (134)
• Philippines
14 Oct 07
I'm a fan of fairy tale, ever since I was a child. and up until now I enjoy watching and reading them. My fairy tale is Cinderella. I think I've watched all the versions of Cinderella;) form cartoons to movies
@eliezl (766)
• Philippines
25 Aug 07
Mine is Cinderella! she's my all time fave...the damsel in distress rescued by the handsome prince and was turn into a beautiful princess is a perfect FAIRY TALE....sigh.....if only things like that is true...a fairy godmother of my own....things would be easier though ROFL
• Canada
17 Jul 07
I took a Fairy Tale class last semester, myahw20, and will never, NEVER look at Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, the 3 Little Pigs, Hansel and Gretel or any of those stories the same way again! I thought that I liked Cinderella a lot before the classes, but through a different perspective now, I have to say that Red Riding Hood is, HANDS DOWN, a better story...that is - if you want to be frightened out of your wits, haha! Curiously, Red Riding Hood is one of the only 'common' or well-known fairy tales that doesn't have a Prince, Princess, or any other Royal family figure in it. Nor does it have any magic like most fairy tales do. There are Magic Beans in "Jack In The Beanstalk," a Fairy Godmother and magically transformed objects in Cinderella, Spells like Sleeping Beauty's Sleeping Spell, a witch in Hansel and Gretel, and a lot of fairy tale characters seem to like spinning straw into gold and doing magical (or unusual) things like that. Red Riding Hood doesn't rely on much glitter, Royalty, or magic tricks, but it's still one of the most well known Fairy Tales. Of course, L'il Red does speak to a wolf just like he's a person - but that's pretty common in fairy tales, isn't it? Talking animals? I think that I have a lot more studying to do on Red Riding Hood and have been surprised that this tale has turned out to be one of my favorites when all is said and done. I think that maybe I ignored it partially when I was younger just because it didn't have glitter and magic. Now, however, I think it's interesting that in the Italian version of Red Riding Hood, she pretty much beats the crap out of the wolf and sends him running away! He comes back for more punishment later, thinking he's better prepared for attack the second time - but luckily, but luckily, Red Riding Hood's family catches up to her and saves her from the Big Bad Wolf. I also found it really interesting that there's a Chinese version of Red Riding Hood from a long, long time ago. I doesn't have just 1 Red Riding Hood trying to outsmart a wolf though - it has 3 sisters working together to make sure that they aren't hurt by the big bad wolf. Yes, I think that Little Red Riding Hood is my fave! I have at least 2 more full books to go through - all on versions of Red Riding Hood. I couldn't get through all these versions (and wasn't expected to, thank goodness) during my course, but I hope to get through them within the next month. I don't think my grannie would have had very much fun telling me about the Italian version of Little Red Riding Hood! It would have given both of us nightmares if she had know this version or told me this version when I was a child.