Weight Loss Competition - Tuesday, July 17th

@racheld (840)
United States
July 17, 2007 8:20am CST
Hello everyone!! Okay so I didn't do as good as I wanted to yesterday. I ate somethings I shouldn't have and I didn't exercise. I actually came home from work and took a little nap. I haven't really slept lately and so the nap felt good. I prepared a lot of snack size containers last night though. I made some lunch size containers of celery and cream cheese, grapes and I even made some light chicken salad. I'm going to have a healthly lunch today, full of fruits and vegetables. Then for dinner I'm going to finish up my mom's beef stew. Unfortunately it looks like its going to rain today so I won't be able to go walking, but I'll ride my exercise bike while watching t.v. tonight. How did the rest of you guys do? Hopefully a lot better than me!
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