Which is the best game console out there ?? X BOX 360,NINTENDO,PS 3 .....CHOOSE!

July 17, 2007 10:50am CST
Hi there pals! Being a video game fanatic ,out of the deluge of game consoles that we have in the market today,I can't help but wonder which one is best?!! So,if ya had a choice between the array of consoles offered,:Which console would ya put yr money on? Would ya prefer X Box 360's tantalising features or PS3's cutting-edge technology,would it be GameCube or Nintendo?? Currently,I own a PS2 ,I plan to buy a console soon,which one o ya reckon I buy? Thanx for yr responses, Have a scooby snack n happy gaming !!....* Bows out*
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1 Sep 08
xbox 360 or ps3 i'm gettin a xbox360 nd own a ps2 but dk wot 1 is better lol
@Flight84 (3050)
• United States
17 Jul 07
My husband and I own an XBox, XBox 360, and a PS2. We want a PS3, but it is out of our price range at the moment. Hmmmmm....money for a house payment or a PS3...:P We do want one though. He has been talking about a Wii, which kinda surprised me because he's not really into that many Nintendo games at the moment. He's a huge gamer though. I personally like PS2 and he loves his 360. We each have games that we play on both consoles. We don't even have a DVD player, we just use one of the systems.