The Rights of A Child

July 17, 2007 4:42pm CST
The international convention on the rights of the child has been ratified by many countries. The convention guarantees the child many rights that some parents do not allow the child to express themselves much. The old culture in many places is that the child should only speak when spoken to and that children should really be at the behest of the parents. How does one draw the line between allowing the child to have a right to participation and maintaining the kind of respect and authority that the parents need to have with the child?
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• China
18 Jul 07
Now the children Haoniefua
@latsmom (824)
17 Jul 07
I think t his is a hrd one, it is like the law against smacking in the uk. Children over the past decades ahve become increasingly naughty. I think that all children should be allowed to express themselves but there should also be teaching of ot to interupt when an adult is speaking and also in teh manner they speak to those around them, and the manners used. It is hard to know where to draw the line most definately, and the problem being we are all individuals including children and some need more dicipline than otehrs in order to maintain order in the household. There is so much catagorising when it comes down to children and lawas, rules et. but we must all rememeber that not all children are te same, if they were,. someone woudl be very rih off a manual that woudl be issued at birth and how to solve each problem. I understand taht the laws are being made to protect children but then to what extent will they be taken to? If we cannot dicipline or teach our children manners then what is to become of the future generation?
@Rozie37 (15503)
• Turkmenistan
17 Jul 07
I believe that each situation is different. While you want the child to express themselves freely, there is a right and a wrong time to do it, as well as a right and a wrong way to say things and this is the balance that children have to learn. Parents also have to be balanced in teaching them. When I use to live with my older sister and her six children, they would walk up to their mom while she was speaking to another adult and just butt in and start talking. Kids have to learn that this is not appropriate behavior. Then they have to learn what to say and not to say. If they are standing in line at the bank, it is not appropriate to say, look mom, at the fat lady right in front of us. That is very rude. But unless a child is taught, they will not know any better.