Dinar Iraqi, will you...

@dpauli (407)
July 17, 2007 11:58pm CST
I'm interesting to invest in dinar iraq, which many roumors that the exchange rate will rise, even rocketing. Anyone of you would like to share with me if it's true? do you know any website that sell the banknotes, really original and really deliver to our address. I prefer those who really have tried to do so.
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@wcforex (18)
• Bahrain
22 Jul 07
I was working as a contractor over in Iraq for two and half years. While I was there, I was making excellent money and decided to invest some of that money in the Dinar. I now have quite a few million. I knew it would be a LONG TERM investment, as I have witnessed the devasted infrastrure and discord among the people. Sooner or later, the Iraqi people will get fed up with the violence. This violence is unfortunate but healthy because revolution creates change. I am betting it will change for the better. Sure there is oil in them there dunes, but we need to keep in mind that an economy solely based on oil could be quite a roller coaster ride. Oil is good, but the economy gets strong with improved infrasture, schools and Universities, Hospitals, technology,and support services and JOBS, JOBS, JOBS for the Iraqi people. Once Iraq gets security under control,more large companies will be clamoring for the foreign investment opporunities. Then there is the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry,hotels, resorts that can also be a good shot in the arm for the Iraqi economy. There is also farming to consider as well. It will take a combination of all these to create a well-balanced reliable and stable economy in Iraq. While I was there, I saw that the Iraqi people were using the Iraqi currency in conjunction with the US dollar, depending on how each currency benefited them financially. So I am convinced that the Iraqi people have confidence in their currency. I have been keeping track of the value of the dinar while I was working in Iraq and since I have been back home. It has increased in value, albeit in small increases. You can buy iraqi dinar through ebay or any online auction. In our local money exchanger here in Bahrain you can buy one million iraqi dinar for $850 only.
• Australia
30 Oct 07
Why don't you invest it online ? You don't get the physical money but when it rises you can cash them back. No hassle.
• Australia
30 Oct 07
I forgot, the website is : www.e-dinar.com
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
9 Jun 10
I can see this thread is 3 years old already. But I want to take this chance of asking here so I will have some updates about investing in Iraqi Dinar. I have a friend who invested in Iraqi Dinar about 3 years ago. He bought the bills through a Malaysian network marketing company called CSQ Mall (website: csqmall.com). I checked on the website a while ago, it's no longer existing. How about you guys? Those who have invested in the Iraq money, have you cashed in already? Did you profit?
• Malaysia
30 Jul 07
Everybody think i am crazy because i already collect few million of dinar iraqi, now i still continue collecting. But, for my opninion, this is quite a good investmentand is a good opportunity for everyone. I have confident that the dinar iraqi will become stronger and stronger after quite a long time, do not have anybody know the actual time. Plus iraq's position as a second largest oil reserve in the world. Finally, i hope all the dinar iraqi collector can dream come true. Thx!
• Australia
18 Jul 07
I don't know. I have been hearing about this but there is a big risk on it. I know people who actually bought some and stopped buying. I don't physically have them. I just personally think there is no future on investing this money. Just me.