Human nature of distort !

July 18, 2007 1:30am CST
Today on TV see so a true of story ,a little girl is in 24 year agos was desert by person in the home ,reason is because of home rery of poor .Good the father of wretchedness ,mother .If home return ability maintenance life of words .Believing each parents all can not so of do .24years later ,today .the little girl guew up ,reasonable .The life experience knewing oneself unfortunate in the meantime ,beginning endlessly look for the close relatives road .Very find out of pain oneself of father ,mother .But ,her father mother don't mutually recognize with her .Ruthlessness reality (poor )distort the mankind's man's natural character .The person should be a geniality docile of ,be full of love of ,is not ?You nearby have so unfortunate situation of viewpoint !
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