In My Local Area Network People use Cheats in CS how to Avoid them?

July 18, 2007 7:13am CST
I have a special server which include anticheat system by Hlguard 1.8 and working I have cheat death but no use it never works because it requires client to be install in the cheaters system there is also a dedicated server people always come on there and use cheats but cheats always override the anticheat system what is your opinion please suggest.
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• Romania
2 Sep 07
lol, this sux. But HlGuard isn't too good, also VAC doesn't work very well. I think the solution is some experienced admins.
@Sagar_ (80)
• Pakistan
8 Aug 07
You Dont Worry At All If you have a server with amx then the people who r using cheat codes u just ban them by typing amx_ban and then typing the name or the number id of the person and then typing the time that how much time u want to ban him here is a example type this in the console. amx_ban name minutes.
• United States
19 Jul 07
idk i just play but hackers have kno life, except me, my friend found one and i played wit it a lil dat it