Can a christain Boy marry a Muslim girl??? coz i m in love with one

@mikeyaxe (723)
July 18, 2007 7:52am CST
wellll guys im just as right now im deeply deeply in love with this one muslim girl and i dont know that if we actually could get married coz of various obstructions from both the families and community....can someone pls tell me what to do??????
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@rachael5760 (2617)
• Israel
18 Jul 07
You have to really know the girl very well. Learn all you can about her views about religion, and how she wants to raise her children. If you don't agree about basics of how to worship G-d, then the marriage probably not work. Also think that if your respective families don't agree to the marriage, then after the wedding it will be very difficult if you decide to cut ties. Exteneded families are very good to have. Think again. Are you really deeply in Love? Cultural differences and religious differences might seem small now, but wait until there are children. Then these differences become very large indeed. Life is not like a computer. Sometimes you cannot reboot.
• Indonesia
18 Jul 07
Hallo Mikeyaxe. well i'm a muslim girl.I'm from Indonesia as you know is the biggest muslim population in the world. About your problem in my opinion ( and this has become my principal ) there's no problem marry to a different religion. You see, in my religion said that God has decided with whom you should marry to. Now, if God give you someone from a very different bacgkround ( in your case here religion) to be marry to, then why should we,human, have to against it? why should we disagree? As long as you both can tolerate each other and respect each other's religion, go ahead! in my family, my aunty and my cousin married to a different religion. my aunty's husband is catholic,my cousin(she is catholic) married to a muslim guy. And they live happily! For me, we cannot 100% guarantee that marry to a person who has same religion will live happily. Well that's my opinion. I hope it'll be helpful for you and i'm very glad sharing this kind of thought. HWish you all the best and good luck, my friend!