3 weeks

July 18, 2007 7:58am CST
So its been 3 weeks since I lost my good job. Even in a Labor shortage I can't find a new job where I enjoy what I'm doing OR even make enough money to get by. It makes me think about all the money I put into EI over the past few years. Why do I even pay those guys? They aren't giving me money now. I applied, they said I didn't qualify. So here I am, no money, no job, no way to get any of this in time to pay rent, buy food, or otherwise survive happily. All of this because I did VERY WELL at my previous job. Well, theres todays world for you. Those who try hard and work as hard as they can are punished for what they do. Anyway, if any of you agree or want to complain about the world, feel free to post
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